Haco Kingsland

Extend 800.620A-3000

The Extend 800.620A-3000 is a powerful hydraulic automatic machine of two-column construction designed for series and highly productive cutting of material under 90° angle.

Low-vibration saw cuts mean precision and long life Polymer concrete offers the ideal damping characteristics for use in saw machines. On all Extend machines, the support saw frames and columns are filled with a specially developed polymer concrete mixture. Coupled with pre-stressed, play-free, generously dimensioned linear guides, polymer concrete technology provides virtually vibration-free saw cuts with high cutting performance far above 100 cm2 per minute with M42 bimetal saw bands. The ideal slope setting of the saw frame to the horizontal clamping surface depends on the shape of the material, and on the designated sawing process. The Extend series’ machine design allows this parameter to be set individually. Machine allows you to clamp and cut bundles of material with hydraulic bundle clamping device (see optional accessories) also. Single feeding length is 3000 mm with the possibility of multiple feeding by 4 strokes of the material is up to the overall length 12.000mm. The machine is by default equipped with automatic cutting pressure regulation that together with 41 mm saw band ensures exact and straight cut. Frame diving into the cut is performed by linear roller bearing. The machine enables cuts of short scrap length. The saw can be equipped with the device for recognition of the beginning and the end of feeding material – laser gate system. Peripheral speed of the saw band is regulated from the control panel by frequency converter in the range of 20 -120 m/min.