Haco Kingsland


The Pulldown 160.120 G manual band saw is the smallest machine of our offer.The Pulldown is suitable for small cutting operations in workshop as a replacement for widely used disc grinding saws.

Due to its accuracy, the machine is a perfect companion for metalworkers working at constructions. The saw is equipped with two-speed electric motor, quick acting vice and arm turning up to 60°.

The Pulldown 225.160 is the suitable machine for profiles in portal construction and for individual cuts in the workshop due to its simple handling, fast and simple adjustment for angular cuts up to 60° and its quick-acting vice. Sloped direction of the saw band in its lowest position enables smooth cutting and saves the saw band. The saw is also convenient for mobile applications due to its coolant tank integrated into the machine base and lockable for transportation. A two-speed electric motor and spiral gear running in an oil bath ensure long life, silent run and the correct speed for steel and stainless steel.

The Pulldown 295.230 is a universal workshop machine, Stable design of the saw frame with its sufficiently dimensioned two-speed electric motor, a spiral gearing running in an oil bath and precise hard metal saw band guides, coolant system, 500mm length stop and a broad angle range of -45° to +60° make the Pulldown 295.230 DG a perfect universal workshop machine.