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Bending at an attractive price/quality ratio

The SynchroMaster is an entry level pressbrake with basic execution for operation with European Standard Tooling. Possibility to extend with straightforward options. Attractive price/quality ratio. Standard with user friendly 2D graphical control.

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Download the Press Brake catalog here:

Standard execution:

  • EasyBEND-2D control
  • X Backgauge for accurate sheet positioning            

               Stroke X = 800mm, maximum speed = 400mm/s

  • European Standard (ES) top clamping with Quick Manual Clamping Arrangement
  • Intermediate clamping with height 100mm (up to 1500kN) or 150mm (from 2000kN)

EasyBEND-2D control

  • Multiple drawing methods
  • Graphic simulation of work pieces with    
  • Multitasking Real Time solution
  • Finding Automatic bending sequence calculation with collision control
  • Automatic program generation
  • 10.4" colour graphic LCD display


  • X-R Backgauge
  • Manual Crowning
  • CNC Crowning
  • Type I Front Stop
  • DSP Optical Safety Guard


Excellent Value for Money

User Friendly EasyBEND-2D graphical control

Proven Profitability for Various Workload Conditions

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