Haco Kingsland

Transverse DGS

The Transverse DGS models are pillar-construction machines with both-sided angular cuts ability, perfect for cutting profiles and bundles in the production of steel structures due to its big cutting range, even at sharp angles, and a saw band tilt of 6°.

A special shaped vice always clamps the material directly at the saw band and can be supported by vertical clamping. The band guiding arm connected to the vice jaw provides always for the shortest distance between the material and saw band guiding.

Tilting of the saw frame is secured by the hydraulics and can be comfortably controlled from the free positioning control panel. Pre-stressed linear guides, precision hard metal saw band guides and automatic cutting pressure regulation on both band guides as well as a solid, rigid construction of the machine provide for a precise cut. The standard equipment include hydraulic saw band tension, regulation of the clamping force, smoothly adjustable band speed, a dialogue CNC control with text machine diagnosis on a four-line, illuminated display, powered swarf brushes as well as a big chip container with a dripping sieve. In relation to our broad range of system components for material handling, the machine can be extended to a complex saw line.