Haco Kingsland

Transverse GANC

The Transverse GANC models are a CNC-controlled angle band saw with a broad cutting range, a comfortable and simple handling and an excellent cutting performance. 

The feeding length is 600 mm in one cycle and is measured by a high resolution linear measuring system (precise cut lengths). The feeding vice is located in a floating bed and guided in hardened guiding bars with linear ball- recirculation bearings. The continuous roller conveyor provides for easy material feeding and safe positioning of even short pieces. The automatic mode allows for angular cuts up to 45°, the semi-automatic mode up to 60°. The standard equipment of the machine already includes a high-performance saw band drive with smooth speed regulation, precise hard metal saw band guides, automatic cutting pressure regulation, a digital angle display, a digital saw band speed display, a powered swarf brush, a tilting control panel, a hydraulic full-travel vices, an electronic saw band tension and fracture monitoring device, saw frame height adjustment through a Memory function on the control panel, a big driving and transition wheel for longest possible saw band life, high- performance hydraulic system as well as modern control with simple handling and a text diagnosis of the machine on an illuminated display.