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MSK Hungary: competitive solutions

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The MSK Covertech-Group is a world leader in the production of packaging systems, palletizing systems, shrink & stretch wrap machines, industrial conveyor systems and software. 85% of all these machines are manufactured in Hungary.

The Hungarian factory has large engineering departments,  more than 20,000m² of production space and employ 350 emloyees. About 40% of them live in the neighbouring village and many families have worked in the factory for generations. So despite the size of the company, everyone knows everyone and there’s a great commitment to further improve the products and the production process.


Leadership through innovation

The latter is where the tandem CNC press brake plays an important role. MSK has carried out a thorough reorganization of its complete material flow. The keyword in this process is automation.

MSK’s goal is to buy less and less preformed parts since they are a lot more expensive than sheet metal. Thanks to the Kingsland Press Brake and the Kingsland Shear MSK had already bought earlier, they now have the right material to produce the necessary shapes themselves.

The results of the renewed production process  were staggering. The material handling was reduced with a dramatic 80%. Overall efficiency increased strongly and MSK hopes to double its output in the next 4 years.

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Complex machines, simple software

Besides custom-made machines, MSK also chose the Hacobend software for its machine controls. MSK exclusively produces made-to-measure goods. So, in order to manufacture new parts quickly, it is very important to be able to prepare the production programs offline.

Despite this new, unfamiliar technology, the operators were soon able to get started with the offline software to draw 3D models and determine the bending sequences. This way, they currently produce about 50 different parts per day. 


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The Haco Kingsland press brakes are used for the production of all the MSK products. Most of the time they are deployed separately with 2 operators. However, 5 to 10% of the parts that need to be bend are longer than 3.6m. In these cases the 2 separate machines work together as a tandem. Thanks to the Haco machines all necessary parts can be produced in house.

The finished MSK systems are used in the most diverse industries. BMW uses the MSK packaging systems to protect their brand new cars from scratches by wrapping them in a bag. The entire glass industry works with MSK machines as well. So if you happen to buy new glasses, there’s a big chance they were wrapped by an MSK machine. For the wrapping of electrical appliances like washing machines and refrigerators, companies also appeal to the technology of MSK.

Custom-made, custom-made, custom-made


This is one of MSK’s keywords as well.  It’s not just the machines that are custom-made, even the employees get a special training. MSK has its own school where students receive a two year, state certified training after secondary school. During this apprenticeship, the students learn all about the MSK systems both in theory and in practice. The best amongst them are selected and get the chance to develop themselves and to grow in a global company.

This great liking for tailor-made solutions made the choice for a collaboration with Haco all the easier. Our custom-made machines make their custom-made machines possible thanks to the knowledge of specially trained operators. That’s 3x custom-made.

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