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Haco at worldwide international metal forming trade sgow

At EuroBLECH 2014 in Hannover, Germany, The Haco Group will once again clearly demonstrate its strength in the field of high-end advanced machines as well as in low-cost machines. And that we consider innovation to be of paramount importance, because we’re also coming out with a completely new concept in press brake land. Plus, we’ll be presenting our showcase again, a few weeks later, at Fab Tech in Atlanta, Georgia. 

Haco launches Pressmaster S at Euroblech Hannover

1. The launch of the Pressmaster press brake

With its combination of 2D/3D-graphic CNC control with automatic generation of the bending program, our back-gauge system and the larger daylight opening, the PRESSMASTER is the most versatile press brake on the market.

Haco series Q5 is the perfect and most flexible CNC turret punching machine

2. The Q5 punching machine in action in Germany

We’ve already informed you that the Q5 punching machine is the reference machine for 21st century punching. It caused a stir at the Technishow in the Netherlands – and now it will do the same for the German market at the Hannover fair.

3. The Atlantic Blue Line in the spotlight  

  • A budget line on the European press brake market by Haco
  • budget press brake

The Atlantic Blue Line is the range of low-cost machines that Haco builds for all budgets. At EuroBLECH Hannover, we’ll be showing the ATP press brake  and the ATS guillotine shear. 

4. A brand-new concept in press brake land…

But for this one you’ll have to be patient until EuroBLECH... We can only say that the new concept will include enormous improvements in ergonomics and time-savings for our press brake users.... 

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