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Offline programming software

The ever-growing need for more flexible and user-friendly operating systems is also in sheet metal bending a rising trend. Haco is definitely taking the lead in meeting this demand with its automated bending cells operated by specific offline programming software. Innovation allows us to offer you a suitable bending solution, tailor-made to your business. 

A comprehensive software

The true innovative power of Haco’s automated bending cells lies in its software. It controls the entire cell and makes the press brake and the bending robot communicate automatically. Our competitors often offer separate systems. This type of setup, however, takes up far more time to gear to one another. 

The most ideal tool setup

Because of Haco’s many years of experience in 3D bending, we were able to develop a solution unique in precision and speed. After importing the product drawing into the system, the software immediately proposes the most ideal tool setup. Here, you can still make some manual adjustments. 

From drawing to actual production

Thanks to the Hacobend software you only need 1 controller for both the bending machine and the robot. This communication between both machines makes it possible to process a part from the drawing to the actual production, without it ever having to leave the workplace. 

A fully automatic bending sequence search

Unlike other systems, the Hacobend software is capable of finding all possible bending sequences in less than a minute. Immediately after finding the perfect bending sequence, the program is ready to start the production. In other words, the robot program is created entirely in function of the part to be produced. No additional teaching or calibration is required.

Correct from the start

Because of the thorough preproduction process, the first produced part is always correct from the start. This is how Haco wants to meet its customers demands. Fast, precise and user-friendly systems that deliver high quality, guarantee a maximum capacity and promise a high cost-effectiveness. 

That’s innovation.

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