Haco Kingsland

Q5 with impressive automatic sheet loading-unloading system

Increasing the punching efficiency for Swedish customer CW Lundberg Mora

Technical specifications:

  • Machine Q5 2530-20 i  Machine to process sheets of 2500mm x 1500mm (before repositioning) 
  • Machine has a 20 station automatic toolchanger, and all tools are 360° indexable 
  • Machine is equipped with big Part Shute door with Sliding gate (700mm x 1500 mm) this to automatically evacuate small to big parts. 
  • Machine is equipped with a EVACTRAIN, this is a linear sorting station for evacuated parts with 4 sorting positions 
  • Machine has a ST3015 Automatic sheet loading-unloading system
  • Programming software: HacoPunch Pro 
  • Customer bought also the HACO TGQ1 semi automatic toolgrinder to grind the punch and dies. 
More information about the customer: https://www.cwlundberg.com/en/
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