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Start up of the TUR MN 1350 x 4000 lathe for Lebus® threads

A German customer has just been started up by the staff of the FAT-HACO service department with a lathe for the Lebus® type threads. This is a special profile for winding of ropes and cables on the drums (for example for the cranes). This is a TUR MN 1350 x 4000 CNC lathe. The machine is capable of turning elements up to 4 meters in length. The special mono-block bed with wide, deep-hardened guides ensures precision of the machining of the workpiece and long-term geometry stability.

The machine is equipped with a Siemens 840D SL control, which provides easy programming.


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Due to the fact that the machine is provided by the customer for very specific production of the Lebus® type threads, it was designed in close co-operation with the customer. Thanks to that, all the requirements set by the customer are fulfilled and the machine is perfectly prepared for this precise and specific processing. For example the unique solution for the drive of the longitudinal support with use of 2 ball screws enables extremely dynamic working feeds, despite the heavy design of the lathe. Therefore the machining of these complicated profiles happens very efficiently and ensures perfect quality of machined surfaces.

The machine was started up succesfully at the customer and production has already started.

The TUR MN 1350 x 4000 in action:

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