Haco Kingsland
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Up to five to six years ago, we saw more opportunities in the energy market and the petroleum industry. Before that, we already had a little CNC lathe but then we started to look for a bigger one. And that’s how we bumped into Fathaco.

Price-Quality Ratio

The price-quality ratio is very good with Fathaco machines. The machine stability and the heavy-duty  guides were attractive. The machines look very robust and offer a price-quality ratio that is impressive. All this is very important for us because of the precise nature of the products we make. We cannot afford to have vibrations during machining so it’s essential that the machines are solid. With Fathaco, we know we made the right choice.

Quick service

For us, quick service is of utmost importance. Should the machine experience any problems, we expect to be helped immediately. Our local Dutch dealer ensures that this is the case. Next to that, we also have a quick response from the Fathaco service department in Poland.

In the future we are planning to further expand our machine park. At the moment, we are installing a very large milling machine. In addition to that, we want to add a large Fathaco lathe with a length of around 10 meters. This will allow us to machine bigger products for the energy sector, petroleum- and paper industry, among others.

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