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The CNC controlled Clampmaster positioning table can be retrofitted to any model of steelworker or punching machine. It is a 2 axis CNC-controlled fully automatic table with 2x automatic gripper assemblies. 


  • Ideal for heavy base plates.
  • No marking out required.
  • Plate is clamped.
  • Moved to position and punched, moved to next position and punched until all holes are completed.
  • Distance between holes is always correct.

The Clampmaster grips the material, moves it to position and punches all of the programmed holes. Especially advantageous is the repeatability accuracy when manufacturing repeat batches

Anyone can learn

HK-A1-001 Robosoft Control is very simple and operator friendly to use. Just enter the X and Y-axis co-ordinates and start. There are no G codes to remember, anyone can learn to use this control in minutes. Optional DNC software can be supplied with the control to connect to a PC and save and load as many programs as you want.

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Clampmaster table; Full automatic 2-axis CNC table
Clampmaster table; Full automatic 2-axis CNC table