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Make so many drills without any movement of the profile 

In 3 Axis Drilling Machining, in drive way of the profile with the length of 500mm you can make so many drills without any drive of the profile which means the profile stays idle.

For example: if the holes 10mm and the distances between the holes are 40mm, you are able to drill 12 holes without any drive of the profile. And that means very big save form time.

Also there is one more advantage of 3-ADM system:

The profile that will be drilled is brought to the position in the marking unit the means of servo motor unit and it’s marked with the hydraulic stroke unit. Also, the profile is brought to band saw machine by the same drive unit and it is cut in the size that desired.


  • The profile which is completely worked is brought to the outfeed conveyor by infeed conveyor arm.
  • All the system are the same as in the 2 ADM the only difference is the third axis is Added to every spindle beside x and y axis. Advantage: in 2 ADM, the profile is brought the text drilled line position after one line is drilled.
  • Profile Drilling Center ADM 1200-40 CNC is considered as an integrated system. This system is consisting of Profile Drilling line input conveyor + ADM 1200 Drilling machine + marking unit + band saw + output conveyor.
  • With CNC (Computer Numeric Control) you will be able to control all the ADM 1200 CNC Drilling machine connected to this system. To drill the steel beams used on metal bridges and constructions, the profile should be located on the input conveyor. Then it will be moved and brought its position with the servo motors through the CNC, special variable screw drive groups and linear ball bearings.
  • In order to facilitate the movement of the beam on the conveyor, there is a mechanism of free rotation between the reducer and the rollers.

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CNC Drilling & Sawing lines Drillmaster DM
CNC Drilling & Sawing lines Drillmaster DM