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For all manufacturing divisions of structural steel engineering workshops. The CNC controlled Linear Rail is the ideal device for cost effective punching and notching of flat steel, angles, channels, 'T' and 'I' beams.

Available with a standard length of 4.00m - giving an operating distance of 3.60m - extendable in 1.00m lengths to suit the users application.

Ideally suited to repetitive and 'one off' work without the need for marking out, greatly increasing production speeds and eliminating costly operator error. The material is guided in place by a set of rollers.

The automatic unit is computer controlled by a single axis Type 550 Control, with a digital display and 24 button keypad. With 8 programs, up to 80 steps, that can be programmed in a variety of modes, including: single position, manual operation and position calculation for bar processing applications. Available with heavy duty motor and drive unit.

Triple-head production punching line

Punches two types of hole and cuts to length - all in one operation. Consists of a CNC Linear Rail (as above) up to 12m long (or more if required), with a K210 Controller. A punching machine with three separate punch cylinders and a hydraulic stripper assembly to keep the bar flat. This versatile unit can handle flat bar, angle, channel and I-beams.

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CNC Linear Rail Feeder
CNC Linear Rail Feeder