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CNC drill machine: Drillflex

Horizontal, single spindle CNC drill machine T

The Drillflex is a horizontal, single spindle CNC drill machine. This affordable machine drills all kinds of profiles (members, sections, beams) with high accuracy. The profile is positioned on the drilling table and the drilling unit makes its CNC-programmed movements with the greatest precision.

The correct hole pattern for every profile

The principal profiles that can be processed by the Drillflex are flat bars, sections and square/rectangular hollow sections. The correct hole pattern is easily programmed thanks to the CNC control system.

Resize before or after

The machine accepts workpieces that have been sawed or milled to the correct length beforehand, but the workpiece can also be dimensioned after the drill pattern has been realized. You can choose the most interesting option depending on your specific production situation.

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  • CNC Drillflex DF 1100



Increase productivity by about 30%

Sermeca is specialized in manufacturing metal structures for high-threshold Seveso companies. In these companies, possible risks of major accidents are occurring. For example in chemistry, pharmacy, nuclear or petro-chemical industries. Sermeca also realizes buildings for more traditional industries, like retail for example.

In search of productivity growth Sermeca started with market research in order to find a machine with better performances and of which tools didn't had to be exchanged. "At the demonstration of the Drillflex by Haco in Belgium, our first impression was seeing a mechanical machine, much more than a typical drill machine with solid carbide drills and exchangeable tipped drills. We wanted to leave the generation of traditional drill machines", Claude Buhnemann, CEO of Sermeca remarks.

Keep delivery times short, drill very fast

"With the Drillflex we can keep delivery times short which is an advantage. Our added value isn't debiting tons of steel per month. We need to drill very fast, for example elongated holes. Traditionally this kind of operations forced us to do the job on another post. Today, with the Drillflex of Haco Mubea, this kind of operation is greatly simplified while we avoid handling with different tools in the workplace. Besides, the holes often have a different diameter on the same piece. The Drillflex is capable of drilling up to a diameter of 40 millimeters over the entire length without us having to change tools con-stantly."

Milling next to drilling

“The unique part of the Drillflex is that next to drilling, milling is possible too. Multiple types of holes can be milled, what makes the Drillflex a unique price/quality machine. At the level of drilling, it has changed the way of working. The old drill line didn't drill continuously over a series of alternate holes (e.g. diameter 12, then 14, then 16, then 12, ...). At each hole we had to change tools, while other holes with the same diameter had to be realized further on the beam. All this is no longer the case with the new Haco Mubea Drillflex."

You could easily say that, overall, the acquisition of The Drillflex has allowed us to increase productivity by about 30%"

End product

  • cnc drilling
  • cnc drilling milling
  • structural steel
  • afbeelding3-2-3-4.png
  • structural steel


Profiles that can be processed:

The MUBEA-DRILLFLEX type DF-1100 is capable of processing following profiles by means of horizontal drilling of holes with maximum diameter of 40 mm. (Option 50mm). The position and accuracy of the holes to be drilled is determined by the CNC program.

The sections than can be processed are:
  • Flat bar : positioned vertically
  • Angles : equal or unequal leg according to DIN1028 en DIN1029
  • U-sections (Channels) : (UPN) DIN 1026
  • I-beams : (IPN) (IPE) DIN 1025
  • Z profiles : DIN 1027 
  • T-beams : DIN 1024 
  • H-beams : HE 
  • Square/rectangular hollow sections
The section volume of the profiles has a minimum and maximum value, both horizontally and vertically, of respectively 30 en 1100 mm.

Standard execution Type DF-1100/12:

The basic, standard model features a working length of 12.200 mm (40 Ft).

Other possible working lengths are :
  • Type DF-1100/15 working length 15.250 mm (50 Ft)
  • Type DF-1100/18 working length 18.300 mm (60 Ft)
  • Type DF-1100/21 working length 21.350 mm (70 Ft)
  • Type DF-1100/24 working length 24.400 mm (80 Ft)

Technical specifications:

A) Profile dimensions

All profiles or working pieces with a section of max. 1100 x 1100 mm and min. 30 x 30 mm can be processed.
= Max. working length 12.200 mm (40 Ft)

B) Capacity drilling unit
  • Number drilling heads (horizontal) 1
  • Max. drilling diameter (11 Kw) 40 mm (ISO 40)
  • Option max. drilling diameter 50 mm (15 Kw) 50 mm (ISO 50)
  • Threading with 11 Kw (15 Kw) M4 %u2013 M24 (M4 - M30)
  • Spindle unit ISO 40 with motor power 11 Kw and speed max. 2.750 RPM.
C) Travelling portal-drilling column

The portal features three 3 CNC axes :

  • X-axis horizontal working length 12.200 mm
  • Linear travelling speed 45 m/min.
  • Y-axis horizontal movement perpendicular on the X-axis
  • Stroke Y-axis 550 mm
  • Linear travelling speed 15 m/min.
  • Z-axis is the vertical movement of the drilling head 
  • Stroke Z-axis 1.100 mm
  • Linear travelling speed 30 m/min.
D) Clamping systems

All clamping systems are hydraulic :

  • Clamping drilling column on the drilling table
  • Unclamping drill holder
  • Clamping the work piece
E) CNC Control Siemens

The machine is standard executed with a SIEMENS control type SIEMENS SINUMERIK 840 D Solution line. The programs are hereby prepared off-line (in the office) and transferred to the control by means of one of following options :

  • Cable RS232
  • USB stick
  • PC beside the machine
  • WLAN (wireless)
  • Central network
  • Furthermore, direct programming on the machine is possible. 
F) Included in the standard execution
  • Pointing with the drill tip
  • Auto Zero referencing in the X-axis direction
  • Height measuring system Z-axis
  • Manual drill change (magazine for 12 drills)
  • Internal/external oil mist drill cooling (air-oil, micro drop)
  • Cooling/external lubrication while threading
  • Manual lubricating system for the machine
  • Chip container
G) EC safety execution

The machine and its components as a whole is EC approved and a EC Certificate is delivered with the machine. Attention: this is only valid for the machine. Depending on the local situation , the working environment should be CE approved separately.

H) Power various groups

The total installed power of the machine is 25 Kw, Voltage 3 x 400 Volt/50 HZ, fuses 40 Amp.

CNC maching centre: Drillflex DF
CNC maching centre: Drillflex DF