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CNC Punch cutting lines are customized. Here are some basic specs:
Punch Machine:
  • X-axis positioning 12m
  • Y axis positioning  600mm.
  • Maximum thickness in mild steel: 15mm
  • 125 ton punch capacity capacity.
  • 3 position automatic tool changer.
  • CNC control with network board and USB connection available
  • 12.0m long, can be extended if required.
  • 600mm wide.
Shear Machine:
  • 125 ton shear capacity (cfr KINGSLAND Multi 125)
  • 380 x 25mm or 600 x 15mm
All specifications are subject to change according to customer requirements
   Such as:
  • Punch & shear capacity
  • X and Y positioning
  • n° of tools in the toolchanger
  • Marking unit
  • Windows graphic control
  • etc...
  • CNC Punch Cutting line for flat bar

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CNC Punch Cutting Line for Flat Bar
CNC Punch Cutting Line for Flat Bar