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Combining a VARI notching machine with a bending or punching attachment at the back of the machine

We took the VARI and built an extra working station at the back to bend sheet metal or to punch holes with a punch unit. We even integrated a mini manual back stop in the extra station

The COMBI has a notching capacity of 6mm, a blade length of 220mm and has variable angle between 30 and 140 degrees. Several adjustable stops come standard with a second set of blades.

A rectangular notching unit can be very quickly attached at the back of the machine. 2 adjustments knobs can adjust pressure and speed of the back station.

Bending depth and speed

Utilize the COMBI for bending with the gooseneck punch and multi-V bottom die. The bending depth can be adjusted with an adjustable knob on top of the machine. A mechanical display shows the depth. Bending speed can be adjusted by increasing or decreasing the oil flow to the cylinder.

You can also replace the bending unit with a punch unit to punch round holes, squares, rectangular or oblong shapes.

Standard features:

  • 2 Mechanical sheet hold-downs
  • Automatic blade gap adjustment 
  • 2 Positioning squares with protractor, adjustable 0-90°, fixing holes every 15°
  • Millimetre scales
  • 60° negative blades to cut stainless steel
  • 1 extra set 30° positive blades to cut stainless steel
  • Stroke adjuster
  • Backstop
  • Foot-pedal control
  • Transparent safety guard
  • Large working table
  • Dovetail slots and scales
  • Hydraulic Oil
  • Instruction manual.

Rear workstation:

  • Table with Dovetail slots
  • Plexi Safty protection
  • Adjustable Speed and Pressure
  • Backstop for bending
  • Clamps for bending tools

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COMBI 220/6
COMBI 220/6