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High speed is combined with maximum force continually through stroke. This is created with the use of a high-speed module.

There are thousands of mechanical eccentric presses being used worldwide in the current market today, but some of the following disadvantages are apparent with these machines:

  • They do not conform to CE regulations and so can be dangerous
  • There can be blockage of the dies
  • The maximum force is only reached at the final point of the stroke
  • Semi Automatic CNC Table

The HSP50 has many advantages including:

  • Continual high speed.
  • Adjustable stroke length.
  • Continual maximum punch force.
  • It is not possible for die blockage to occur and therefore the dies will have a much longer life.
  • A smooth working process.
  • Adjustable tonnage with digital display.
  • Maximum punch force: 50 ton

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Maximum punch force: 50 ton
Maximum stroke (mm): 60
Stroke per min 20mm travel: 40
Throat depth (mm): 280
Working height (mm): 1020
Motor: 5.5 Kw
Nett weight: 650 Kgs
Machine Dimensions (cm): 60x100x170
Two hand Operating Systems: Standard
Adjustable Punch Force: 10-50 ton

Hydraulic press HPC50
Hydraulic press HPC50