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Kingsland CNC controls:

have been developed and are produced by our sister company ROBOSOFT in Belgium.

This guarantees up-to-date high-end technology at affordable prices.

* HK-A1-001: standard 1 or 2 axis control

* HK-A3-001: optional windows or linux based control

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The standard HK-A1-001 control is a highly accurate point-to-point system, with up to 2 CNC-controlled axes.

Accuracy and reliability

Our Dual-axis control type HK-A1-001 is a low-cost but highly accurate point-to-point system, with 2 CNC-controlled axes. Once the axes are in position, an output is set which can operate a certain device, whether it is a drill, punch, saw, etc.. The control monitors the tool's Top Dead Centre (TDC) and Bottom Dead Centre (BDC), to allow the automatic program to select the next program line.

Standard HK-A1-001 control features

  • 5" monochrome LCD display
  • 8 programs / 100 steps.
  • Automatic or manual mode
  • Absolute or incremental positioning
  • Gauging correction
  • Auto-reference of pre-set mode
  • Repetitions and dummy steps
  • mm/inch
  • Jogging
  • Spindle correction
  • Built-in test- and service routines & parameter lists


  • 8 selections to which auxiliary outputs can be assigned
  • USB capacity optional
  • End cycle signal output
  • Second zero-point (reference point)
  • External start


 THE KINGSLAND HK-A3-001 Windows based CNC control


The Optional HK-A3-001  is Multi Axis Control, High-end CNC control for structural steel processing lines with units such as a shear, punch, drill, marking unit, etc...

Speed, accuracy and reliability

Designed using the know-how and experience of many years, the HK-A3-001 offers everything you need to fit the high demands in contemporary punching. The high speed control, fast processing and intuitive user-interface result in an innovative system capable of handling simple as well as complex tasks. Similar to other Robosoft top level controls, the HK-A3-001 is driven by high-performance, PC-based hardware, allowing very fast processing of data and highly accurate calculation of punching operations. From the initial idea to the production of the part, the HK-A1-001 is your ideal partner for punching productions.

Some features

  • 15" colour TFT display (optional touch panel)
  • High-performance PC-based hardware
  • Unlimited number of programs
  • Edit and import of program code
  • Graphical simulation of the production
  • Unlimited graphical tool database
  • Mm or Inch
  • Network support
  • USB-support
  • Language support

Network support

The HK-A3-001 can easily be connected to any new or existing network, resulting in easy data transfer (programs) and machine monitoring between the control and one or multiple PCs. Access to the control is possible from anywhere in the network. The extensive networking even allows communication between the punching machine and other metal working machinery, punch cutting lines, such as press brakes, plasma cutters and guillotine shears, etc….

CNC Programming & Planning software

A customer specific software is optionally also available for the structural steel production lines. This software not only manages the programs but also generates the programs automatically from the 3D DSTV or IGES data supplied to the system by the CAD system, such as TEKLA, etc… The system automatically generates, optimizes the steel usage (not necessarily nesting), manages the processes and tools  and manages the programs.



  • High-performance PC-based hardware
  • 15" colour TFT display (optional touch panel)
  • 1024 x 768 pixels
  • Front panel protection cover
  • Pump activation and emergency stop integrated on the control panel
  • USB-drive

RoboPunch features

  • Unlimited number of programs
  • Extensive program management via hard disk, USB-drive or network
  • Table editing (XY-position + tool)
  • Program code editor for G- and M-code programming
  • Real-time code information
  • Macro editing
  • Production simulation with various simulation settings
  • "Last" function in case of sudden shutdown or power loss
  • "Start from hole" function
  • Visualization of program progress
  • Various counters : hits (total/tool), cycles, ...
  • Time calculation
  • Program info and axis info
  • Real-time readout of axis positions
  • Tool sets with floating tool positions
  • Tool setup adjustment during production
  • Graphical database of tools and Multi-tools
  • Import tools, special tool & custom tools
  • Visualization of tool progress
  • Adjustable finger positions
  • Edit sheet dimensions
  • Real-time feed adjustment
  • Workpiece info
  • Jogging
  • Manual or automatic referencing

Other features

  • Network connection
  • Mm or Inch
  • Parameters
  • Diagnostics and service routines
  • Language support
  • Conversion DSTV to DXF (optional)
  • Planning software RoboPlan (optional)
  • DXF to PGP conversion software RoboTool (optional)
  • Manual (English or native language)

Kingsland CNC controls
Kingsland CNC controls