Haco Kingsland

An "ALL-IN-ONE" CNC Plasma Cutting Machine

The HACO KOMPAKT has a sturdy, welded monobloc frame structure, with integrated fume exhaust chambers, a bolted-on cutting table and a gantry mounted on the sides of the table structure.

The combination of a double axis linear guide way with rack-and-pinion, mounted on the side of the table structure and driven by 2 synchronized servo motors, guarantees a very precise movement of the gantry along the length of the machine.

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Plasma cutting head

On the gantry, the Plasma Cutting Head (High-Definition or Conventional Plasma Torch) is driven by a Y-axis motor with rack-and-pinion transmission and 2 oversized linear guides. The height movement of the torch is driven by a DC motor.

During the cutting process, the THC unit measures arc voltage and automatically adjust arc voltage for proper torch height over the life of the consumables without requiring operator input.

Control system: optimum operator convenience

The APC59-T Control is a graphical CNC Control System, with a 15” TFT touch screen mounted on a separate stand in front of the machine for optimum operator convenience. The touch panel effectively reduces the number of keyboard and button actions to an absolute minimum, allowing the user a straightforward, intuitive control of the entire production cycle.

Cut Charts

Depending the specific production requirements, the appropriate cut chart (plasma technology) can be chosen within seconds.

The software automatically displays the correct consumables for an efficient plasma head setup avoiding set-up errors.

Hypertherm Plasma Sources

The HACO KOMPAKT can be delivered with various Hypertherm Plasma Sources, which are specifically designed to be mounted on X-Y cutting tables. It consists of a DC power supply, a gas console, the RHF console, the torch and all the cable and hose connections.

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