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The KS manual linear feeder with tilting stops (2, 4 or 6m long) is a versatile, flexible and budget friendly linear feeder solution. The more sophisticated CNC controlled Linear Rail feeder is the ideal device for structural steel and engineering workshops. Both solutions are capable to be adapted for any linear feeding of bars, tubes and profiles. Special tooling availbale.
The CNC Linear Rails allow cost effective punching and notching of flat bar, angles, channels, 'T' and 'I' beams. "I" is available with a standard length of 4.00m (giving an operating distance of 3.60m) extendable in 1.00m lengths to suit the user’s application.

It is ideally suited to do repetitive and 'one off' work without the need for marking out, increasing production speeds and eliminating costly operator error. The material is guided in place by a set of guiding rollers.


The automatic unit is computer controlled by a single axis Type 550 Control, with a digital display and 24 button keypad. That can be programmed in a variety of modes, including: single position, manual operation and position calculation for bar processing applications.

Standard equipment includes:

  • 4000mm beam (3600mm working lenth)
  • 3.5Nm motor.
  • Set of punch guide rollers
  • Kingsland M550 control
  • Cable for DNC link (maximum length 80 M)
  • Automatic Tool Lubricating System with 2 flexible nozzles on magnetic mount an 1L reservoir

Optional equipment:

  • Pneumatic Gripper (requires air supply)
  • Additional 1.0 M lengths (including 1 support leg per meter)
  • Several drive in bolsters ( prices depending on type of bolster)


Manual and CNC Linear Rail Feeders
Manual and CNC Linear Rail Feeders