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One of the highest quality plate bending rolls

Four roll hydraulic forming machines are characterized by a high production output because finished parts are obtained in one pass and in a user friendly, comfortable operation.

Made in Italy, the plate bending roll 4HBR models are one of the highest quality found on the market. The 4HBR models have both the upper and lower roll powered by a hydraulic motor with planetary gearbox, transmitting the power directly to the rolls without losing force. This technology makes the HACO 4 roll double pinch plate bending roll one of the best rolls on the market today.

Spherical roller bearings

The rolls are made of high quality forged steel, induction tempered and hardened and we polish the rolls after hardening. We also supply special rolls for certain jobs upon request.

We use double spherical roller bearings for the rolls in stead of bushings to eliminate bushing tolerances and friction which results in energy loss.

Special washer

The bearings are pre-lubricated and protected by a special washer which doesn't need any lubrication for the entire life of the machine

There are several advantages on a 4 roll machine:

  • We can clamp the plate lightly between the 2 center rolls during the squaring of the sheet and bring the back roll up to assist. 
  • Better pre-bend performances because we can clamp the work piece firm between the 2 center rolls during pre-bending which eliminates slipping of the work piece 
  • Smaller flat ends can be made because the work piece is firmly clamped during the pre-bend operation. This results in many cases in no extra operations before seam welding the part. 
  • Tighter diameters van be rolled than a 3 roll machine

Standard features:

  • Two hydraulic readouts for the positioning of the bending (side) rolls 
  • Hardened rolls 50 to 55HRC 
  • Hydraulic conical bending device 
  • Hydraulic drop-end 
  • Centralised ergonomic control panel 
  • Hydraulic overload protection safety system 
  • Operating and instructions manual


Plate bending rolls 4HBR
Plate bending rolls 4HBR