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The CNC controlled positioning table can be fitted to all Kingsland steelworkers and punching machines with 625mm deep throat.

It can be used for punching of plates, flat steel, in the web of channel and on the flange of channel and I-beams. The punching of the web in channel is effected with the flanges up and by using extended length punches.

Easy to operate

The table is delivered complete with servomotor and 2 axis measuring system, and is equipped with an easy to operate HK-A1-001 Robosoft Control and LCD – screen. A program is made step by step by entering each X and Y value. Optional DNC software can be supplied with the control, so that you can connect it to a PC and save and load as many programs as you want.

Repeatability accuracy

The CNC Control System ensures the required accuracy within a hole pattern with several gauge lines. Especially advantageous is the repeatability accuracy when manufacturing repeat batches.

The use of labour intensive manual layout is no longer required and possible operator error is eliminated. The workpiece is pushed to the CNC controlled stop. After punching the stop goes to the next position.

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  • Semi automatic 2-axis CNC Table

Semi automatic 2-axis CNC Table
Semi automatic 2-axis CNC Table