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Punch Range: Single / Double Punch

The Kingsland range of Single Hydraulic Punching machines all come equipped with a deep throat of 625 mm as standard. Heavy-duty support tables with scales and backstops, universal die holder for punching in plate, flat bar, angle iron and flange of channel and beam are all part of the standard execution.

The punching machines are available from 60 to 175 ton, both in single-ended as well as double-ended execution. Double-ended execution allows to operators to work simultaneously on both ends, effectively doubling the out-put from the machine.

Furthermore, tooling from competitors machines and/or other brand-names can be used without special machine-modifications. The standard machine comes equipped with a deep throat (single-ended version) and universal die-bolster, punching up to 57 mm diameter/slot. The front part of the table can be removed in order to punch in large format angle-iron.



Standard equipment

  • punch adaptors
  • swing away punch stripper unit
  • easy change punch holder
  • universal die bolster
  • heavy-duty punch table with scales, guide and backstop
  • service toolkit
  • work station guard
  • instruction, operating and maintenance manual
Kingsland Double Punch


  • full stroke adjustment
  • low power inching and adjustable stroke
  • universal die bolster punching up to 57 mm as standard
  • large punch table with multi-purpose bolster – removable table block for overhang channel/joist flange punching
  • machines with very low maintenance requirements
  • wide variety of applications – for large hole punching, crimping, tube notching, bar bending, sheet bending, punch press applications, etc.
  • deep throat depth as standard
  • overload relief on hydraulic system
  • interchangeable bearings, seals and valves readily available from stockists of hydraulic equipment
Minimum deform stripper

Punch station-applications (optional equipment)

Minimum deform stripper assembly

Minimum deform stripper assembly to give minimum deformation while punching close pitch holes in flat bar.

Quick tool change

Quick tool change

Quick change punch holder. Only needs to turn the punch holder by 90° to lock in position.

Large hole attachment

Large hole attachment

Large hole/slot attachment for diameters from 38 up to 110 mm. Also available for diameters up to 160 or 225 mm.

Channel/Beam web bolster

Channel/beam web bolster

Specially designed web bolster for punching in the web of channel or beam. Bolsters for special profiles available on application.

Super Quick tool change

‘Super-quick’ tool change

Spring and ball bearings lock/un-lock the tool in position with 90° hand turn. No spanners or wrenches required.

Tube Notch Unit

Tube notch unit

For 90-degree connection with tubes. Available for outside diameters up to 165 mm.

Punch station-applications (optional equipment)

  • Sheet bending unit
  • Bar bending unit
  • Sheet bending unit

    Sheet bending unit with multi-vee block (with 10, 20, 24 & 40mm wide V-openings, all 85°).

  • Bar bending unit

    For bending material up to max. 22 mm thickness. With single-vee block, 76 mm with V at 85°.

  • Louvre punch unit
  • Twin hole unit
  • Louvre punch unit

    Special punch unit for punching ventilation applications.

  • Twin hole unit

    Twin hole variable pitch unit. Punches 2 holes up to 29 mm dia.

  • Swan neck bolster
  • Dove tail assembly 1
  • Dove tail assembly 2
  • Swan neck bolster

    For web and flange punching up to 32 mm dia. in 300 mm max. channel and ’I’beam.

  • Dovetail assembly

    Changing from punching to bending in 20 seconds.

  • swanneckbolstersketch-1-1.png

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Single / Double Punch (60, 70, 80, 95, 125, 140, 175)
Single / Double Punch (60, 70, 80, 95, 125, 140, 175)