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ERM press brakes are a cost effective, low maintenance, CNC controlled press brakes.ERM machines are manufactured on standard production lines in EUROPE. They are designed and developed by the R&D department in the headquarters in Belgium and equipped with ROBOSOFT CNC controls.

Included ·           

  • Standard ERM43220 machine body with HACO Ram ·           
  • CE safety 4000mm from 1750kN up to 2500kN ·           
  • Star-Triangle motor start ·           
  • EasyBend-2D Pack with 2D-graphic angle programming ·           
  • HACO Bend 2D, Offline 2D software ·           
  • Manual deflection table for System tools 4000mm 2200kN ·           
  • CNC drive of ADT ·           
  • Lasersafe LZS-LG-HS, manual light guards on 6mm approach ·           
  • System upper clamping from 1750kN up to 4000kN : height 150mm ·           
  • Quick manual clamping for System top tooling ·           
  • Tooling package of £5000 ·          
  • Pro X-R Back gauge (X-DC , R-AC)  axis 1000mm from 1750kN up to 2500kN, ·          
  • 2 Movable Frontstops type I - along the working length ·          
  • Tooling

This machine is a 2016 model and has seen little use and is in great condition.

For more information, contact sales@kingsland.com

Working length 4100 mm
Capacity 2200 kN
Distance between side frames 3150 mm
Standard gap 300mm
Daylight opening 450 mm
Stroke 200 mm
Table height 965 mm
Fast approach speed 80 mm/s
Max working speed 8 mm/s
Fast return speed 100 mm/s
Motor Power 18.7 kW
Total length 4320 mm
Total width 2000 mm
Total height 2800 mm
Approx. weight 15400 kg
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  • tweedehandserm43220web.png

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